A downloadable Wands and Wires for Windows

Wands and Wires is a retro shooter inspired by classic games like Quake, Unreal Tournament or Doom. You take the role of a space wizard who's been kidnapped by robots to harvest your magical powers and use it for their evil deeds. You'll have to fight using your magical powers and fight your way out of the dungeon.

  • Jaime Blanco Guiu (Artist)
  • Alejandro Costa Rueda (Artist & Programmer)
  • Manuel Duro Santos (Producer & Designer)
  • Pol Fernández Guerra (Programmer)
  • Jordi Muñoz Besserer (Designer)
  • Joel Ramos Cano (Artist)


Wands and Wires.rar 241 MB

Install instructions

Just unrar and play!


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Hi have question. When I equip book, how can I read? and how to turn page? I want to read but I cant. Thanks